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Find the Right People, Not the Best People.

                                                             – Jack Ma

No matter what kind of business you are in, having the right people determines their success or failure. Thus, it is imperative to choose the right candidate for the right job. The cost of making a bad decision in the hiring process is significant for every organization. 

Our experienced team ascertains that we find the best fit for your requirements with the right skillset and attitude that would prove to be an asset for your organization. Our constant endeavor is to minimize your efforts and time invested in finding the correct candidate who will maximize your productivity and foster a positive business environment.

We provide you end to end talent management Services:

Understand your needs:

  • Understand Company’s requirement through a detailed call/meeting with concerned personnel

  • Assist Company in preparation of job description for an efficient & fast process

  • Option for the company to work on “No Name” basis and reveal name only to select candidates at a later stage

Finding the right fit:

  • We utilize our presence across databases to post at most relevant sites

  • Initial candidate screening is done by our experienced team

  • Option to conduct the first round of interviews by our personnel

  • Only most relevant profiles to be shared with clients to minimize Company’s efforts

Efficient Co-ordination to minimize your time and efforts:

  • Co-ordinate & arrange for the entire selection process (scheduling recruitment tests/ interviews, follow-ups, making sure selected candidates are present for the process on-call/ for the meeting)

  • Well developed feedback mechanism from both client and candidates to make the process more efficient     

Final Selection and Post Joining Formalities:

  • Assist Client in the final selection of candidates

  • Maintain database for the Client for future reference

  • One point contact for all documentation required from selected candidate (mark sheets, certificates, salary slips, relieving letter, etc.)

  • Assist in preparation of final offer letter

  • Post joining formalities  

Contract Staffing

Advent HR Solutions - Services

There’s a way to do it better. Find it

                                                 – Thomas Edison

Workplace requirements have evolved significantly over the years in today’s dynamic environment. Hiring requires customized short/medium term solutions that allow companies to focus and improve upon their core offerings. Lean and agile permanent teams aided by the short-term project(s) specific contract staff provides efficient solutions to address the client’s ever-changing requirements.

Q: What are the Services provided by Us?

  • Long/Short Term Staff working exclusively for the client while on the payroll of Advent HR Solutions

  • Catering to all sectors (IT & non IT) across functions and positions

  • Pan India Services

Q: What are the Key Advantages for our Clients?

  • Flexible hiring based on project or seasonal needs of the business

  • Provides agility & cost savings leading to enhanced efficiency & productivity

  • Limited Statutory Compliances (Gratuity, PF, ESIC, etc.)

  • Enables the client to focus on their core competence

  • Ability to scale up manpower at a fast pace

Q: Why Us?

  • The hiring of new employees as per specific needs of the Client

  • Opportunity to shortlist and select candidates after the due interview process

  • Option to absorb the temporary staff into permanent roles

  • Customized Agreements for employees at different positions

  • Background Verification from reputed agencies as per Client requirements

  • All licenses, approvals in place